Which NBA Teams Have Been Hit Hardest by Injuries?

Which NBA Teams Have Been Hit Hardest by Injuries?
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It has been a dismal basketball season in Detroit. The Pistons are coming off their 21st consecutive loss, giving them a 2-22 record to start the season. That sad streak is now top 10 in NBA history with the league-record losing streak of 28 not far behind.

Franchise cornerstone Cade Cunningham seems to have been left to his own devices on the court. For a player who is more of a passer than a shooter, playing with limited talent to pass the ball to is no recipe for success.

And if that all wasn’t bad enough, the Pistons rank among the top 10 most-injured teams in the NBA. BetMichigan.com – your source for Michigan sportsbooks – looked at how many man games starters on each team have missed.

Games Missed by Starters

Team Games Missed by Starters
Heat 35
Suns 34
Nets 26
Pelicans 23
Jazz 21
Pistons 18
Nuggets 18
Bulls 17
Cavs 16
Trail Blazers 14
Magic 13
Celtics 11
Hawks 11
Clippers 11
Mavericks 11
Sixers 10
Hornets 10
Kings 10
Warriors 8
Knicks 7
Bucks 7
Spurs 7
Thunder 5
Raptors 4
Lakers 4
Pacers 3
Wizards 3
Timberwolves 3
Rockets 1

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Detroit 7th in Missed Games by Starters

While the Pistons don’t come close to Memphis’ league-leading 38 games lost by starters, they still rank highly on the list. Bojan Bogdanovich, who somewhat ironically carried the Pistons offensively last season when Cunningham missed most of the year, only has played four games this year.

Monte Morris also has been absent all season and injuries have hit Jalen Duren, Joe Harris, Alec Burks and Marvin Bagley at points.

For Pistons fans and bettors, Detroit falls even farther from contention with each passing loss. They have fallen to +4000 to make the playoffs at ESPN Bet Michigan and are off the odds board to miss.

With Bogdanovich back in the mix and others hopefully returning soon, the Pistons hope to get their season back on track. While it has become clear that the playoffs are not a realistic option, if Detroit starts to improve their play they no longer will be seen as the +500 underdogs in games like they were Wednesday against Philadelphia.



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