Michigan Wolverines Football Betting Guide

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A traditional Midwest power, the University of Michigan football team has recently begun reclaiming its past glory. The Wolverines did not win a Big Ten title from 2004 to 2020, but won the league championship game in 2021 and 2022, going to the College Football Playoff in both years. Perhaps even better for Wolverines fans, the team defeated the rival Ohio State Buckeyes in both seasons, with the 2021 win marking their first over OSU since 2011. But regardless of how the team performs on the field, there is always action off the field now that Michigan online sports betting is live. Whether Michigan is facing Michigan State, Notre Dame or those hated Buckeyes, you’ll find the best places to bet on college football and Wolverines right here.

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Different Types of Bets for the Michigan Wolverines


Moneyline wagering is simply picking who will win the game. The moneyline odds for each bet revolve around $100. If Michigan is a -160 favorite versus Iowa (+150), then a Wolverines bettor would earn $100 for every $160 wagered. However, if someone wanted to take the Hawkeyes betting odds, then the Iowa backer would earn $150 for every $100 that was bet.


Wagering on the point spread is one of the most popular forms of betting. Spread betting means favorites must win by a certain number, which is the spread set by the sportsbooks, while underdogs can lose inside the spread and the bet will be a winner. For instance, if Michigan is favored by -6 against the Indiana Hoosiers, the Wolverines must win by at least seven for Wolverines bettors to cash. Hoosiers backers can have Indiana lose by five or less and still win their bet.


Totals betting is a wager on how many points will be scored by the two teams combined. For example, if the Michigan-Wisconsin total is 55 and a bettor believes the teams will score more than that, they would take the over. If they foresee a low scoring game, they can bet the under.

Live Betting

Live betting has become a popular option for players, thanks to the popularity of mobile devices. In-game wagering allows users to bet on the game as it happens. Sportsbooks update the odds in real-time based on numerous factors, including score, time remaining, field position, and down and distance. The odds are constantly refreshed based on an algorithm set in place by the sportsbook.

Prop Bets

Individual prop bets aren’t as prevalent in the college game as they are in the NFL. But there are some team props typically offered for college games. These normally include the Over-Under for how many points a team will score in a game. An example would be Michigan’s total team points being set at 27.5 for a game against Michigan State. If a bettor believes the Wolverines will score more than 27 points, they would take the over. If not, they can bet the under.


Teasers give players the option of getting a more favorable betting line in exchange for a lower payout. Teasing games together works like a parlay in that each part of a bet must win for the entire teaser to be graded a winner. Depending how many points you tease and how many games you include in your teaser will determine the payout of the bet. An example of a teaser would be if you settled on a six-point teaser and wanted to bet on Michigan at +2 and Rutgers at +4. With a six-point teaser, the new lines on each game would become Michigan +8 and Rutgers +10. Both Michigan and Rutgers must cover their new spread for the wager to win.


Wagering on Michigan to win the national title is just one example of a future bet. Other Michigan futures would be for the Wolverines to win the Big Ten or earn a berth in the College Football Playoff.

Individual future bets are also available at some sportsbooks. The most common individual college football future is betting on the Heisman Trophy winner. Michigan has had three Heisman winners in its history, including Tom Harmon (1940), Desmond Howard (1991) and Charles Woodson (1997).

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Michigan Football Betting Strategies


There are over 100 college football teams in numerous conferences. With so many games and teams playing throughout the week, it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with all the action across the country. That’s why we recommend focusing your attention on one conference, whether that be the Big Ten or a smaller conference. One advantage to a smaller conference with lesser-name teams is that fewer people tend to bet those games, giving you an advantage if you do your homework.

Line Shopping

Finding the best number for a single game between various sportsbooks can be the difference between a winning bet and a losing one. That’s what makes line shopping so important for every bettor. With plenty of sportsbooks to choose from in Michigan, bettors will be able to shop for the best Michigan odds.

For instance, the Wolverines may be -7 favorites on one book, but -7.5 on another. That half-point could be the difference between a push and a winning ticket.

Bankroll Management

Establishing a disciplined bankroll is an important factor to consider so bettors can last the college football season. With consistent bankroll management, a player will have a better chance of long-term success To set up your own bankroll, first set a standard wagering unit. Units may vary from player to player, but usually, a higher bankroll will use larger units. The unit should be a small enough percentage to protect you from a lengthy losing streak. Typically, you will see a unit at 1% or 2%. So, if a player’s bankroll is $100 and they decide to wager 2% for each bet, that would mean the standard unit is $2. For a bankroll of $10,000, a unit would be $200.

How to Bet on Michigan Football

Before you get started wagering on Michigan football, make sure you see what sportsbooks made our recommended list at BetMichigan.com. Once you’ve found a sportsbook that has a wide range of Michigan college football betting options and fits your betting preferences, click on the link and you will be directed to the sportsbook’s website. To begin the sign-up process, click “register.”

Now you will be asked to choose a username and password for your personal account. Once you’ve set up the first details for your account, you will enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. Proof of address will also be requested. Once you have been verified and your sportsbook account has been created, you can start making deposits.

It’s not uncommon for sportsbooks to ask for a copy of your driver’s license or passport in order to verify your identity. After you’ve completed the final verification steps, you are ready to start betting on Michigan football. Find the league list on your sportsbook, search for college football and scroll until you see the Michigan football betting options that are currently available.

Where to Listen or Stream Michigan Football Games

All of Michigan’s football games are streamed online. Depending on the broadcast affiliate, you can find Michigan’s games streamed online or through the broadcast’s mobile app. Michigan games are typically streamed on ESPN Network, the Big Ten Network or FOX Sports.


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