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The NFL is one of the most popular leagues sportsbooks act on. With a wide range of betting odds ranging from point spread bets to prop bets and more, there is an NFL wager for just about every sports bettor. And when you pick a top NFL betting site in Michigan, you’ll know you’re betting with a safe, regulated and reportable sportsbook that features the best NFL betting odds.

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How We Picked the Best NFL Betting Sites

Bettors want peace of mind when betting on NFL games at an online sportsbook. That’s why we put all NFL Sportsbooks through a thorough review process to ensure your money is in good hands. Here are the criteria our experts used in selecting the top sportsbooks in Michigan for betting on the NFL:

Licensing & Reputation

In Michigan, every sportsbook is required to operate with a license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Only online betting sites in the state that meet this requirement are considered for our recommended list.

Variety of Betting Options

In addition to the typical point spread, moneyline bet and totals odds, betting on NFL games also offers individual and team player props and futures bets. Our team researches each Michigan sportsbook to find the ones that give players the most diverse betting options. NFL odds vary from site to site, as do available NFL prop bets. You want the best options

Ease of Registration

New NFL bettors deserve a smooth introduction to the sportsbook they select. Our team signs up at each of the Michigan NFL online sportsbooks we have listed to ensure others enjoy a seamless process.

Banking Options

We understand that speed and accuracy are vital when selecting a great NFL betting site. That’s why we test each sportsbook’s payment systems and will let you know of any fees you should be aware of. The last thing anyone wants is an issue cashing out a big win, which is why we test withdrawals at each Michigan online sportsbook.

Software & Security

Only the most user-friendly and safe sportsbooks make our list. Navigating menus or worrying about your information isn’t a concern with any of the top NFL betting websites we have listed.

Customer Service

Our team ensures quality customer service is a priority at each of the top NFL gambling sites we review. Every sports bettor deserves an online sportsbook that’s open and willing to assist any of your needs through email, live chat or by phone.

Bonuses and Boosts

Sportsbooks regularly have boosted odds and promotions for new users, especially for the NFL. With Michigan becoming one of the latest states to launch online sports betting, you can expect plenty of sportsbooks to offer welcome deals like risk-free bets. We track them so you don’t have to.

Is Betting on NFL Games Legal in Michigan?

Yes, betting on the NFL became legal in December 2019. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a package of gambling bills that included the legalization of sports betting. Michigan was the 20th state to legalize sports betting and online casinos. Sports betting in Michigan officially debuted at Detroit’s three commercial casinos on March 11. This is the second NFL season where Michiganders can place legal bets on the league.

Benefits of NFL Betting in Michigan

Michigan is one of more than a dozen states to offer legalized in-person sports betting and online sports wagering, making it one of the premier locations for sports bettors to wager on the NFL. Spreads, moneyline and totals are all available for players to wager on, in addition to futures, parlays and prop bets. And with games on Monday, Thursday and Sunday, there are NFL betting odds for everyone to bet on throughout the week.

Signing Up to Bet on NFL Games

Once you find an online sportsbook that interests you, be sure to read our review. Afterward, click on the link and you will be directed to the sportsbook’s website where you can collect a special bonus when signing up as a new user. Click on “register” to begin the sign-up process. Provide an email address, select a password and username before going through the ID verification process. You will then be required to provide the last four digits of your Social Security number and a proof of your address.

When you decide to make your first deposit a copy of your driver’s license or a passport may be required to verify your identity. Following an initial deposit and after taking advantage of a welcome bonus offer, users can make their first NFL wager. Just select the NFL from the league list in the app or website and pour through seemingly endless betting options! Keep in mind you must be physically located in the state to make a wager.

NFL Bets to Make in Michigan

Throughout the year, you can make a futures bet on who will win the Super Bowl, AFC or NFC; team win totals; awards such as MVP: and more. During the season, those bets are still available, but there also hundreds of bets available on each game, from the customary spread bet to more exotic wagers like first player to score a TD, total yards passing for each quarterback and more. You can also combine a handful of bets in a parlay, which poses a greater risk (all legs must win to collect) but greater reward (a much larger layout).

Popular NFL Events to Bet On

The Super Bowl reigns supreme as one of the top betting events in the country. Data from the American Gaming Association showed 26 million Americans wagered $6.8 billion on the 2020 Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

During the regular season, the marquee games in the national primetime slots typically receive plenty of action. The Monday, Sunday and Thursday night games can see a large handle, especially with in-play betting, since they the only games going on at the time.

NFL Betting Tips to Consider

Bankroll Management: Every NFL bettor should determine a standard unit for a wager. A unit is relative to the size of your betting bankroll and varies from bettor to bettor. Someone with a $10,000 bankroll will use larger units than a player with a $100 bankroll.

There is no one rule for deciding what percentage size a unit must be, but it should be low enough to withstand any extended losing skid. An example of using proper bankroll management would be if your bankroll is $100 and a bettor settles on risking 1% of it for each NFL bet. That would mean a standard unit consists of $1. For a $10,000 bankroll, a unit would be $100.

Line shopping: With Michigan offering a wide range of NFL betting sites, bettors should analyze the lines to find the best value for the bet they want to make. For example, if the Lions are favored by 3 points on DraftKings Michigan but by 2.5 on FanDuel at the same -110 odds, the Lions hold better value at FanDuel Michigan. A 20-17 Detroit win would be a push on DraftKings but cash at FanDuel.

This same type of line shopping should be done for totals, moneyline odds and props to ensure you’re always finding the best value for your bets.

Reading NFL Odds and Betting Lines

When looking at a matchup, the number next to a team is the spread line. For example, if the Lions are -4 and the Bears are +4, the Lions are four-point favorites and must win by more than four for the bet to win. For any bettors on Chicago, any loss by the Bears of three points or less would be deemed a winner. A four-point margin of victory would be a push on both sides. Typical odds on a spread bet are -105 to -110 and you can line shop those odds among sportsbooks to squeeze out extra value.

Moneyline Odds

The moneyline odds are in the middle column, between the spread and point total. A moneyline bet is picking a winner straight-up. For this Lions and Bears matchup, since the Lions are favored, their moneyline odds would be -160, while the underdog Bears are at +135. A Lions bettor would have to wager $160 to win $100, while a $100 bet on the Bears would net a profit of $135. Negative moneyline odds indicates the amount you must bet to win $100; plus odds indicate the payout on a $100 bet.

Totals Odds

The final category in a traditional NFL wagering line is the total points scored combined. This is also known as the over/under. For football, this number is usually in the 40s. Using this Lions-Bears matchup, if a total is at 42.5, an over wager means the bettor believes more than 43 points will be recorded. An under bettor believes fewer than 43 will be scored. Totals normally have odds of about -110.

Why Trust BetMichigan for NFL Betting

We have a team of experts at who are dedicated to researching and evaluating sportsbooks across Michigan, ensuring our users have a safe and enjoyable NFL wagering experience. Betting on the NFL is one click away. Check out our reviews and select one of the top sportsbooks in Michigan to begin playing right now!

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