Michigan Operators Up in December and Overall in 2023

Michigan Operators Up in December and Overall in 2023
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The final month of 2023 produced solid returns for Michigan retail and online operators, with month-over-month increases in brick-and-mortar and online gaming revenues.

Overall, Michigan online casinos took in $163,267,138 in total adjusted gross receipts in December, which represented a 3.5% increase from November’s total of $157,769,200.

The Great Lakes State wrapped up December with $34,142,704 in taxes from Michigan’s iGaming operators, which was up 3.6% from November’s total of $32,941,407.

Operators posted total adjusted gross receipts of $1,732,507,596 in 2023, which was up 21.4% from 2022’s total of $1,427,274,464.

The total tax bill for sites followed a similar storyline, with a total of $354,005,203 in 2023, up 22.4% from the year before, when the same operators chipped in $289,243,842 to the state.

The figures were released late Thursday by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Michigan sports betting reported a 5% increase in handle from November.

Retail Casinos See Revenues Slip Slightly

The final month of the year wasn’t quite as rosy for Michigan’s brick-and-mortar casino operators, with a 2.7% drop in yearly adjusted gross receipts and state and city wagering taxes, though there was a slight month-over-month increase in December’s totals.

The facilities had $1,222,794,216 in total adjusted gross receipts in 2023, which was down 2.7% from the previous year ($1,256,974,742).

The story was the same with state and city wagering taxes in 2023, with the former generating $99,046,332 in 2023 (down 2.7% from 2022’s total of $101,814,954), while the latter generated $155,166,198 (down 0.3% from 2022’s sum of $155,628,432).

For December, Michigan’s retail casinos had $111,396,739 in total adjusted gross receipts, which represented a 46.6% jump from November’s total of $76,002,516.

The retail casinos chipped in $9,023,136 in state taxes, which was up 46.6% from November ($6,156,204) to go with $13,762,266 in city taxes, which was up 47.1%.

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