Michigan iGaming And Retail Casino Revenue Declines In October

Michigan iGaming And Retail Casino Revenue Declines In October
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There was a bit of a fall swoon for Michigan retail casino and iGaming operators in October, with slight month-over-month declines in adjusted gross receipts and state taxes collected.

Overall, Michigan’s iGaming operators took in a sum of $144,248,211 in adjusted gross receipts for October, down 3.7% from September’s total of $149,764,984.

That sour note for the month spread to the total state taxes collected from Michigan online casino operators, with a total bill of $30,118,594 in October, down 3.8% from September’s total of $31,303,737.

As far as retail casinos, Michigan took in $81,698,365 in total adjusted gross receipts in October. That was an 18.3% decrease from September, when the same facilities reported a total of $99,991,386.

Those drops were mirrored as far as taxes were concerned. The City of Detroit collected $10,095,334 in October (down 18.2% from September’s total of $12,346,231). Taxes statewide fell 18.3%, from $8,099,302 in September to $6,617,568 last month from Michigan casino apps.

Retail Figures Down Sharply Amid Strike

Those retail figures for October were likely impacted by the Detroit casino strike that impacted the Motor City throughout the month. A tentative deal was reached between the sides, ending the work stoppage at two of the three casinos.

The strike began Oct. 17 and impacted more than 3,700 employees. That settlement saw the largest pay bump in Detroit’s 23-year casino history (18%), along with workload reductions, job protections, retirement increases, technology contract language and no healthcare cost increases for employees.

This week, workers at Hollywood Casino at Greektown and MotorCity Casino ratified the deal that had been negotiated via their union, the Detroit Casino Council. But workers at MGM Grand Detroit voted to turn down the agreement and are continuing their strike. All three casinos remained open during the stoppage but with reduced staffing.

In total, the three casinos took in $81.7 million in total adjusted gross receipts for October. That was the lowest total the Detroit casinos had taken in since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the facilities were highly impacted by shutdowns and other crowd controls.

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