What Is The True Cost of a Beer in Michigan?

With the IPA industry growing and growing, and new flavored beers taking the world by storm each year, we thought it would be a great time to take a break from Michigan sports betting to really look at the cost of a beer across the U.S. 

The Mitten State is a spot for beer lovers just like you, and here at BetMichigan.com, we wanted to discover which areas in Michigan charged the most for beer. Are the odds of buying an expensive beer higher in Detroit or Sterling Heights, or maybe even Flint City?

After collecting data from Numbeo, we can reveal where you will need a bigger wad of cash to buy a domestic and/or imported beer. We studied data from both supermarkets and restaurants to keep you clued up on the cheapest and priciest beers.

Simply read on and find out how much, as well as how little, you could be paying for a beer in Michigan – and whether that post-game beer is really worth it.

Imported Supermarket Beers Cost $5 In These Areas

From analyzing data for both domestic and imported beer costs in Michigan’s supermarkets, we were able to examine the chances of buying both an expensive and cheap beer from your local store.

The odds of buying an expensive beer in Lansing City and Clinton Township are pretty high, with imported hops here costing as much as $5.00 – with the average priced at $3.09. 

And the same can be said for Troy City. Macomb doesn’t fall too far behind for an expensive, imported supermarket beer, either, priced at $4.50.

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Now For Domestic Beers At Supermarkets

It seems you’ll be spending more on domestic beers in a supermarket in the Clinton Township and Rochester Hills areas, costing $4.29.

If you’re from (or visiting) Macomb and want to pick up a domestic beer at the store, you’ll be paying around $3.04 – the third-highest amount for this type of beer. This comes as less of a surprise, considering how steep the price of imported beer is here ($4.50)!

Which City Restaurants Charge $6 for Imports?

If you love a hoppy brew with your dinner in the evening, maybe after your local team has gotten the job done, you’ll think again before heading to Kalamazoo City, Bloomfield Hills, Lansing City, Ann Arbor City, Sterling Heights, and/or Grand Rapids City, where an imported beer costs $6.

Not to mention, the largest city in your favorite, midwestern state, Detroit, where an imported beer at a restaurant will cost you this amount, too.

Which Areas Offer The Cheapest Restaurant Beers?

Sipping a domestic beer while you eat is definitely the cheaper option when taking a seat at a Detroit restaurant ($4.75), when compared to the $6 cost of an imported brew.

And if you’re a hophead but don’t want to spend your life’s savings for the privilege at a restaurant, our research shows your best bet is to buy an imported beer from Livonia and Pontiac, where a beer while you eat costs the lowest of all studied ($3). 

But despite Livonia’s domestic beers costing the same price as an imported brew ($3), the area of Pontiac is the clear winner for the cheapest, restaurant-bought domestic beer, costing a small price of just $2, which is lower than the average price, at $5.

(Note in our graphic that the supermarket price for a domestic beer in Livonia was unavailable).

Cheapest Beers in a Michigan Supermarket Revealed

Here you have it: The cheapest supermarket domestic beer can be found at a Troy City store, where you’ll spend just $1.26 to stock up on your favorite brews. Surprisingly, though, the same can’t be said if you love an imported beer from a Troy City supermarket, as these are pretty pricy, costing a startling $5 – despite the average price for this type of beer being $3.09.

Now hopefully you’ll certainly think twice about where to head for a beer after the next big game!

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Data was analyzed and collected from Numbeo, on the average cost of a beer across the U.S. Cities across Michigan were then analyzed to reveal whether places are paying over the odds for a beer. Data was collected on imported and domestic beer. The average beer in the U.S. was:


  • Domestic - $5
  • Imported - $5


  • $2.64
  • $3.09

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