Online Instant Lottery in Michigan: Scratch-Off Games, Match Games & More

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Digital scratch-offs, single-play slot-like options and other instant games and instant lottery are all available right on the Michigan Lottery website. They're 100% legal and every prize is legitimate. Plus, you can play on almost any mobile or desktop device.

Players get all the thrill of old-school instant games, without having to make a trip out to the store or needing cash on hand. But before we dive into what you can play online, let's take a quick look at instant game history in the Great Lakes State.

Traditional Instant Games from the Michigan Lottery

For years, the Michigan Lottery has had a great section of physical instant games, sold at retailers around the state. And you can still get in on the action with a whole host of these traditional scratch-off games. There's a complete list of all the scratch-offs available, along with a store locator, in the Games Section of the Michigan Lottery website.

Some of the options with a big top prize include $300,000,000 Diamond Riches, $2,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular and $1,000,000 Frenzy Multiplier. Games like Max Your Millions and Double Diamond have also been extremely successful. (There are a number of second-chance games, too, but we won't get into the nitty gritty of playing those here.) Here's a rundown of some of the other popular scratch-offs you may want to get a ticket for:

Mystery Multiplier

The Big Spin

Premiere Play

Extreme Cash

VIP Millions

Lucky x50/Lucky x100

$6,000,000 Jackpot

Jackpot Millions

$200,000,000 Riches

Werewolf Winnings

Online Scratch-Off Games in Michigan: Overview

While even the biggest state lotteries from around the country have mainly stuck with traditional, physical instant games, the Michigan Lottery has very successfully embraced – and even taken advantage of – the online space. People are spending more time at home than ever before, and finding a way to deliver an authentic experience to them in digital form is something many entertainment organizations have struggled with.

So how has the Michigan Lottery done so well in this area? Well, it's clear that they've spent a lot of time and effort in putting together their menu of instant games. This is not a situation where the same game has been copied and pasted over and over again, with slightly different graphics and themes. Beyond that, the functionality of the games (in our experience) was just about perfect, with no lag or hiccups as we went through tutorials, animations played and prizes were revealed.

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MI Lottery Instant Games: Prizes & Cost

Online Instant Games Versus Traditional Instant Games: Prizes & Cost

In terms of winning prizes, there's virtually no difference in what you can find for traditional versus online instant games in MI. The top prize for most games rivals anything you'd see from scratch-offs bought in-store, and you can win prizes at a similar rate and of a similar amount, too. The cost for tickets differs by the game but provides something that fits neatly into almost anyone's gaming budget.

Michigan Lottery Online Instant Games

What Types of Online Instant Games Does the Michigan Lottery Offer?

If you thought all the games on the Michigan Lottery site would be simple digital scratch-off games, you'd be mistaken. There's actually a fairly wide selection of game types, and we'd go so far as to say that the majority of the options are NOT what most people would consider a scratcher. Regardless, let's take a bit of a deeper look at some of the main types of instant games available to MI players. (Note that the games on the Michigan Lottery site aren't sorted or searchable using these categories, though we think it would be helpful if they were.)

Digital Scratch-Off Games

For some of the instant games on the Michigan Lottery website, you get exactly what you'd expect from a computerized version of traditional, physical scratch tickets. Depending on the theme of the game, you're presented with spaces on the screen that need to be scratched off or revealed by mousing over or selecting them.

Typically, you'll reveal a prize amount and one or more symbols that tell you whether your ticket has won the listed amount of money. If you're familiar with traditional scratch tickets, you'll immediately recognize the format and setup for these digital alternatives. However, the unique graphics and animations really can add a little something to the experience.

Examples: 8-Bit Bucks, Walrus Winnings, Wild Time, Wild Time Mania, Medieval Fortunes

Slot-Like Match Games

Next up is a group of games that basically function as single-spin slot machines. When you enter the new game screen, you'll usually see three to five reels, with symbols, letters or numbers on them that are related to the theme of the game. For instance, wild animals for a jungle-themed game or glittering jewels for a game with a gemstone theme.

Typically, you'll tap or click on a button to set the wheels in motion, and if you match enough symbols, you win prizes based on that particular game's pay table. The cost per play, prize table and specific rule set for each game will usually be available right from the title screen of the game, or from an in-game menu that you can access at any time while you're playing. Just like actual slots, the winning conditions, odds and rules can be slightly different across the different games, so be sure to take a minute and make sure you fully understand how to play before you put any money down.

Examples: Big Cash Catch, Cash Detective, Ancient Riches, Summer Bucks, Motor City Money

Animated Reveal Games

If you're familiar with opening packs of sports or hobby cards (or if you've played games that feature purchasable loot boxes), you'll already be familiar with the general type of experience you get from these types of instant games. When you purchase one of these digital "tickets," you're taken to a screen where a quick, but entertaining animation plays out, related to the theme of the given game. When the animation is complete, you'll get an indication of whether or not you've won a prize (or prizes), and for how much money.

It's true that as a player, you don't take much action in these sorts of games, but there's an undeniable build-up and thrill leading up to the prize reveal. Will you score a big prize? Will this ticket net you a small fortune? Or maybe a small hit, or at least your money back? These inevitable thoughts drive the anticipation up as you wait to see if you've got a winner on your hands.

Examples: PAC-MAN, Mega Cards, Present Stacks

How Online Instant Games Are Unique

For all of the types of games discussed above, you may notice that they include sharp, hi-res graphics, fun animations and entertaining prize reveals that simply wouldn't be possible with traditional scratch-off games. There's certainly something to be said for the excitement of holding a ticket in your hands, but after browsing the options on the Michigan Lottery site, it's clear that online instant games have a style and fun factor that's unique to them, too.


Reasons to Play MI Instant Lottery Games Online

Why You Should Play Instant Lottery Games Online: Convenience, Security & Fun

Beyond the unique features mentioned just above, there are plenty of other reasons to play the online instant games from the Michigan Lottery. We touched on it earlier, but the convenience factor really can't be beat. Playing the games from the comfort of your home or on your mobile device is often much easier than finding a ticket retailer or making a trip out to pick up a few scratchers. And on top of that, you can play whenever and wherever (within state lines) that you like – the Michigan Lottery website is open 24/7, of course!

If you're worried about the safety and security of playing online instant games, you can rest a bit easier knowing that the Michigan Lottery uses modern security software and encryption to protect the accuracy and integrity of every game played onsite. Both their software and team are always on the lookout for suspicious activity and bad actors. And if you have any concerns, you can reach out to the organization in several ways. There's an email form and live chat service available on the website, and you can also reach a customer support agent by phone at 1-844-887-6836.

Lastly, there's a good chance you'll find games that offer a new and exciting way to play. As we said above, the online instant games from the Michigan Lottery can be more interactive than traditional scratch-off games. That might not float everyone's boat, particularly if you're more into the look and feel of old-school tickets, but there's a good selection of games that keep the typical scratcher experience intact.

So whichever camp you're in, you're likely to find something entertaining. If you mixed up video games, scratch-off games and slot machines in a blender, you might come up with something approximating the instant games on the Michigan Lottery site – and to us, that's a good thing. To most players, we think that's interesting at least, and can't-miss at best.

⭐ Popular Michigan Instant Lottery Games

In this section, we'll go through some of the more popular (and in our opinion, fun!) instant games offered by the Michigan Lottery. By no means is this a comprehensive list, and the games below are listed in no particular order.

8-Bit Bucks: A pixelated, retro video game vibe makes this digital scratch game really stand out. Look for cherry and key symbols to boost your winnings.

Walrus Winnings: Chill out on the iceberg and reveal wintry symbols in the ice blocks to go for big prizes – in this game, a walrus symbol is an instant win. Includes two fun-filled mini-games that you can unlock.

Wild Time: "Scratch" off numbers and win prizes when they match the winning numbers. Find star and money symbols for instant wins.

Wild Time Mania: Take off with this rocket-themed take on the Wild Time formula. More winning numbers and more numbers to match them to. Find the letters for the word "Mania" and win an extra prize.

Medieval Fortunes: Reveal medieval symbols to take home the king's riches. Match the winning numbers and look for gold and silver coins to win.

Big Cash Catch: Can you hook a big prize? Get enough fish, boat or fishing symbols in this slot-style game to reel in some winnings.

Cash Detective: Uncover sneaky symbols to crack the case and win some cash in this sleuth-style game. Spin the reels and keep your eyes peeled for prizes.

Ancient Riches: Get enough matching mythological symbols to get prizes fit for an emperor. Look for sparkling gemstone bonus symbols to take your winnings to the next level.

Summer Bucks: Hit the beach and look for matching summer-themed symbols in this slot-style, single-spin game. Pack the beach bag and look for clamshell and palm tree bonus symbols and you'll be made in the shade.

Motor City Money: Rev your engines and drive for prizes in this cool, car-themed game. Enjoy a retro art style and see if you can leave the garage with a little extra cash in tow.

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-270-7117 For confidential help . Must be 21+. MI only. Please Gamble Responsibly. Visit for Terms and Conditions. New Customers Only. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable site credit/bonus bets unless otherwise provided in the applicable terms. Rewards subject to expiry.

PAC-MAN: Step back into the world of 1980s arcades with this fun, officially licensed game. Reveal a winning gameboard by matching ghosts, fruit symbols and more.

Mega Cards: Flip over enough matches in this playing-card-themed game to win cash prizes. Get up to 12 matches per play.

Present Stacks: Ring in the holidays with this gift-wrapped instant game. Get enough matching presents and you'll be opening up a nifty cash prize this holiday season.

Instant Keno: It's fast-paced fun in this single-sitting Keno game. Choose your numbers and see if you can make matches immediately.

Buffalo Roundup: Are there cash prizes waiting for you out in the plains? Saddle up in this slot-style game and see if you can match up enough animal and cowboy symbols to lasso some winnings.

Magic Money Ride: See what the genie has in store for you at the end of this slot-style magic carpet ride. Spin the reels and look for lamp symbols to score a big bonus.

Michigan Multiplier Wilds: You'd think you were sitting in front of a classic slot machine in this instant game, featuring 10-A symbols and a colorful, fun vibe. Look for dice, fruit and bonus coin symbols, too.

Royal VIP: Get the VIP treatment with this high-class instant game. Step behind the velvet ropes and look for multipliers and bonus symbols.

Autumn Bucks: Cozy up to this fall-themed game and spin the reels to match symbols and win prizes. See if you can rake in bonus symbols and extra reveals to level up your winnings.

Vegas Cash Drop: Hit the virtual Vegas Strip for some glitz, glam and hopefully, matching symbols and cash prizes. Reveal magician symbols to activate some substantial bonuses and extras.

Comparison:  Instant Lottery Games in MI vs Other States

How Instant Lottery Games in Michigan Compare to Instant Games From Other State Lotteries

While some other state lotteries are starting to dip their toes into the world of online play, the Michigan Lottery is ahead of the curve. There are literally hundreds of online instant games that people in the Great Lakes State can play from the comfort of home, or with the convenience of their mobile device.

And the games are very impressive. With fun themes, sharp graphics and smooth, uninterrupted gameplay, there are options to suit almost anyone's taste. You'd almost think you had logged into a big-name online casino with incredible polish and performance of the games. If you're a fan of scratch tickets, Michigan online casinos or casual online gaming (or all of the above), we'd highly recommend checking out the online instant games from the Michigan Lottery. 

Michigan Instant Lottery FAQ


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