Top Performing Table Games This Month

Top Performing Table Games This Month
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That famous spinning wheel of chance called American Roulette is once again making a comeback and ranked in the top five table games to play at Michigan online casinos.

According to the Online Game Performance Report (OGPR), published monthly by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming (EKG) and Fantini Research, American Roulette is ranked No. 3 in top table games for March. The game ranked No. 21 previously.

The OGPR ranks the top 25 table games each month based on their Theo Win Index. The Theo Win Index is a number that describes the expected house win for a player, based on the total amount wagered by the player and the game played. The higher the Theo Win Index, the higher the ranking.

Blackjack variants are the clear leader in the list of 25 table games ranked in the OGPR. The average bet in the table games segment ranges from $6 to $488, according to the report.

When it comes to table game suppliers, the company Evolution, based in Sweden, is a clear leader. Looking over the top 25 table games ranked in March, Evolution has nine titles listed, International Gaming Technology (IGT) has eight, four games for Light & Wonder, three internally developed games and one game for Gaming Realms.

Rather than go to a supplier, a few casino operators have developed games of their own known as “Internal” games. Two Internal games made it into the top five for March.

Focusing on the top five table games in the OGPR, IGT’s Blackjack leads the pack once again.

March's Top 5 Table Games

  • Blackjack, by IGT
  • Craps, by Internal
  • American Roulette, by Internal
  • Blackjack Surrender, by IGT
  • Blackjack, by Evolution

Blackjack (IGT)

Ranked No. 1 for several months, IGT’s Blackjack can be found at 19 online casinos in the U.S., taking an average bet of $38.87. The objective of Blackjack is to reach a total score of 21, or closest to 21, and beat the dealer’s hand.

There are several different Blackjack versions to choose from at online casinos. This review looks at IGT’s standard online version, Blackjack AIG.

There are no casino side bets in this version. This is straight Blackjack.

A natural Blackjack wins 3 to 2 while all other wins pay 1 to 1. If the dealer and player tie it is known as a push. The player gets their original bet back in a push. Insurance bets pay 2 to 1.

The dealer must draw an additional card if a total of 16 is showing. On the flip side, the dealer must stand on 17.

Six decks of cards are used in this game, shuffled after each round. The minimum bet is $1 with a maximum bet of $1,000. The game has a 99.6% Return-To-Player (RTP) ratio. RTP is the term casinos use to describe the percentage a game will pay back to players over time.

IGT Blackjack is available online at Caesars Palace Online Casino, FanDuel, BetRivers and Golden Nugget Michigan Casino.

Craps (Internal)

Craps is an extremely popular game in land-based casinos and online. Everyone knows where the Craps table is in a traditional land-based casino. That’s where you hear all the loud outbursts of cheers.

For a first-time player, Craps can seem almost overwhelming. But with modifications, developers are making the game more accessible by introducing easy-to-play user interfaces with helpful features.

There is a long list of bets that can be placed on a Craps table. We will look at just a few basic wagers available at established operators and new Michigan online casinos.

The game concept is to roll a number (a point) with two dice and then roll that same number again before a seven is rolled. The person rolling is called “the shooter.”

The most common bets are Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Place Bets, Hard Ways, and Craps & 11. Here are the basics:

Pass Line Bet: Players are betting that a 7 or 11 will appear for a win, 2, 3, or 12 loses. If any other number appears on the first roll (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), that number must repeat before a seven to win.

Don’t Pass Bet: Players are betting that a 2 or 3 will appear for a win, 12 is a push, 7 or 11 loses. If any other number appears on the first roll (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10), a seven must roll before the number repeats.

Field Bet: If any of the numbers that are in the field box come out, the player wins. A field bet can also be referred to as a one-roll bet.

Proposition Bet: One roll bet, the numbers are 2, 3, 7, 11 and 12.

You can get into some exciting Craps table action online with Michigan casino bonuses here at

American Roulette (Internal)

Ranked No. 21 last month, American Roulette has jumped to No. 3 in March.

American Roulette is a spin-and-win game, that’s if you pick the right numbers or color.

Players have a long list of bets they can place in roulette, picking numbers like 0, double 00, or 1 through 36. Pick a color and take a chance at hitting a black or red number. Maybe even or odd numbers are your thing, you can select those, too.

One of the best ways to play roulette is by picking groups of numbers, like 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36, also known as the 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12.

Straight-up number bets pay the most, 35 to 1, but are the hardest to hit.

Interestingly, European Roulette is ranked No. 16 in the OGPR report. That game has better odds than American Roulette.

European Roulette has a single zero spot on the table whereas American has a zero and double zero (0 or 00). You can also find tables with triple zeros (0, 00, and 000). European Roulette tables are always the better choice for the best odds.

The minimum bet on American Roulette is $0.10 with a maximum of $5,0000.

You can find internally developed American Roulette at BetMGM Michigan Casino, Golden Nugget and DraftKings.

Blackjack Surrender (IGT)

Why play only one hand of Blackjack online when you can play Multi-Hand Blackjack with Surrender?

Blackjack Surrender isn’t a new game, it’s an option in a lot of Blackjack games. It’s also one of the least-known moves in Blackjack. But not all Blackjack games provide surrender.

Surrender lets you save half of your bet by folding before new cards are dealt by the dealer. It’s like folding in other games such as Three Card Poker or Ultimate Texas Hold’em before new cards are dealt. But in those games, you lose your whole bet.

Place all your favorite bets on each hand: Split bets, double-down bets, and insurance bets. There are countless variants of Blackjack online. Search for “with surrender” in the game title for this version. They are easy to find.

Blackjack Surrender can be found on Golden Nugget, Caesars, FanDuel Michigan Casino, DraftKings, and BetRivers.

Blackjack (Evolution)

Ranked No. 5, Evolution’s First-Person Blackjack is a unique and fun take on traditional online blackjack casino games.

The objective of Blackjack is to achieve a higher card count than the dealer, but without exceeding 21. The best hand in the game is Blackjack, when a player's first two cards dealt by the dealer total 21 without any other cards added.

This game is played with eight standard 52-card decks. Card values are as follows:

Cards from 2 to 10 are worth their face value.

Face cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) are each worth 10.

Aces are worth 1 or 11, whichever is more favorable to the hand. Note that a soft hand includes an Ace worth 11. The player places a bet first, the minimum is $30.00 with the maximum at $5,000.

Dealing starts from the hand closest to the “shoe” and continues clockwise, ending with the dealer. If you don’t have Blackjack, a total of 21 between your first two cards, your goal is to get as close to 21 without going over. You can ask for a Hit to get closer to 21, or you can Stand on a high total, most of the time 17 or higher.

Blackjack, also known as a carnival game, is one of the most popular table games in any casino.

Evolution Blackjack is available at BetMGM, Caesars, and FanDuel.

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