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There are plenty of opportunities for sports bettors in Michigan to find value and hopefully earn a profit throughout the long Major League Baseball season through baseball futures, game betting and live betting. Mobile betting on the MLB is an option from the numerous online sportsbooks active within the state.

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How We Picked the Best MLB Betting Sites

For those in Michigan looking for a safe and secure online sportsbook with the best betting odds, we’ve compiled a list of the top online sportsbooks in Michigan offering MLB lines. Our team of experts puts each betting site and app through a comprehensive review process to ensure a smooth user experience. These are the factors we consider when compiling our list of recommended MLB sportsbooks in Michigan:

Licensing & Reputation: Each sportsbook in Michigan is required to be licensed and approved by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. We make sure every MLB betting site on our list provides a safe and legal Michigan online gambling experience.

Betting Options: We want to make sure our Michigan baseball bettors have the most options available to them. That’s why we thoroughly review all the baseball odds that online sports betting sites provide their players. Our team looks for the online sportsbooks with the best futures, moneylines, totals and MLB prop bets that give players numerous opportunities to win.

Ease of Registration: We understand new bettors want as seamless of a sign-up process as possible. That’s why our team personally signs up at each of the Michigan online betting sites in order to ensure the registration process is user-friendly.

Banking Options: Secure and quick payments are both important when it comes to choosing the best MLB betting site. We carefully review the payment choices and process at each Michigan online sportsbook so our players can deposit and withdraw with confidence.

Software & Security: Only the most secure and user-friendly Michigan sportsbooks make our recommended list. We understand our players don’t want to deal with cumbersome menus, which is why only the sportsbooks that offer easy access on phones, computers or other mobile devices, make the grade.

Customer Service: Our team personally reviews each sportsbook’s customer service to ensure our players will be looked after properly.

Bonuses and Boosts: New players in Michigan can expect a wealth of boosted odds and promotions as sportsbooks officially launch. We monitor the best bonuses, promotions and other boosts at each of the sportsbooks, so our players know they’re getting the premier bonuses.

Is MLB Betting Legal in Michigan?

Yes, MLB and sports betting became legal in December 2019 when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a package of gaming bills that also included online poker in Michigan and Michigan online casinos.

Benefits of MLB Betting in Michigan

Michigan citizens have the luxury of living in one of the more progressive gaming states in the country. It’s one the first 13 states to offer legalized online sports wagering along with in-person sports betting.

Bettors can expect to find a plethora of MLB lines at every MLB betting site, including moneyline bets, run lines, totals, futures bets and MLB prop bets. And with games just about every day from April through October, there are plenty of opportunities for players to find action they like.

Signing Up to Bet on MLB Games

When you find a sportsbook that interests you, make sure to read our review. Then, click on the link and you will be sent to the sportsbook’s website. After clicking on “register,” you will be required to give an email address before choosing a password and username. Next, an ID process will ask you to provide the last four digits of your Social Security number and proof of your address.

When you decide to deposit for the first time, a copy of your driver’s license or passport may be required to verify your identity as a security check. Once the initial deposit is made, new players are eligible to take advantage of any welcome bonus offers and can begin wagering on the MLB. Just choose the MLB from the league list in the app or in the betting site’s menu.

MLB Bets to Make in Michigan

Before the season begins, an MLB futures bet can be an ideal wager for those looking to wager on the outcome of the season before Opening Day. Bettors can bet on who win the World Series, each division, the Cy Young and each league’s MVP. Over/under on each team’s win totals is another preseason wager for plenty of bettors.

During the season, among the more popular options are the MLB moneyline, run line spreads (more on this later), first five innings spreads and run totals for each game. Live betting during a game is also very popular as baseball’s slower pace lends itself to making bets in-between innings, batters – and even pitches.

Odds for live betting, also known as in-play wagering, are set by the sportsbook using an algorithm to keep pace with play and can include whether there will be a home run, a team will take the lead or even if the next batter will strike out.

Popular MLB Events to Bet On

Wagering on who will win the World Series is one of the popular preseason bets to make, in addition to over/unders for a team’s win total and individual awards such as the Cy Young Award or the MVP of each league.

During the season, the annual All-Star Game, which includes the Home Run Derby, is popular to bet on. During the MLB playoffs, bettors can wager on who will win the World Series, or wager on a team to win a given series or bet each game individually. The national TV games such as ESPN Sunday Night Baseball or the spotlight games from FOX or TBS can also see more betting action since they will be more visible to players across Michigan.

MLB Betting Tips to Consider

Lefty vs. Righty matchups: Certain teams may have more hitting success against left-handed pitchers compared to right-handed pitchers, or vice versa. As the season progresses and this sample size increases, trends may develop that may serve useful to bettors later in the season.

Bullpen Usage: Researching a team’s recent bullpen usage can prove vital when analyzing an MLB game. If a team’s starting pitcher has been yanked early on in each of the most recent games, it’s fair to assume the bullpen may be gassed and not be at its most effective for the upcoming games. Whereas a team with its full arsenal of arms available late in games can be a key factor in preserving a lead.

Environmental Factors: For individual game totals, there are a couple of key things bettors should consider for each game. Some stadiums are known as “hitter parks,” such as Coors Field in Colorado, where games can devolve into offensive shootouts given how the ball jumps off the bat. Other parks may be more pitcher-friendly, such as Petco Park in San Diego, where runs can be hard to come by.

Another factor to consider is the weather. If the wind is blowing out, the over may have decent value. On the other side, if the wind is blowing in, a low-scoring game could make the under a value bet.

Reading MLB Odds and Betting Lines

Moneyline Odds

Wagering on the MLB moneyline is picking which team will win the game. Moneyline odds are based on $100. If the Detroit Tigers are -150 favorites versus the Houston Astros, Tigers bettors would need to bet $150 to win $100. But if someone wanted to bet on the Astros, who are listed at +130 underdogs, then every $100 wagered would earn $130 in winnings if the Astros win.

Run Line

The run line is baseball’s version of the point spread. Run lines are normally at 1.5, with the favorite having to win by two for the bet to cash out, and an underdog able to lose by a single run to cover the spread. Odds on run lines are better for favorites compared to moneyline wagers since they must win by two and are worse on underdogs since they are getting a run-and-a-half. In the Astros and Tigers scenario above, the Tigers at -1.5 may have odds a +100, while the Astros at +1.5 could have odds at -110.

Total Odds

Totals in MLB betting include how many runs will be scored in the game, including extra innings. The total is known as the over/under, and for the Tigers/Astros example, we’ll use 5.5 as a total. If a player thinks the game will have six runs or more, the player will bet on the over. But if a bettor believes the game will have five runs or less, the person will take the under. Odds on over/unders is typically -110, meaning players need to risk $110 to win $100.

First Five Innings

First Five Innings betting works the same as full-game wagering, except bets are determined after five innings. Players can wager on run lines, moneylines and totals for the first five innings of a game. These types of bets are useful for players who want to wager on an outcome likely to be decided by the two starting pitchers.

Why Trust Us for MLB Betting

We have a team of experts who are dedicated to researching and reviewing each sportsbook in Michigan to guide our players to the best and safest betting experience possible with the best baseball betting sites featuring a wide array of MLB betting lines. Betting on the MLB is only a click away. Check out all our reviews and select one of the premier online sportsbooks in the state to start playing now!

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