Thundercrash Gambling Game: How to Play and Win Real Money

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Crash gambling games are the latest trend in the iGaming industry, and there seems to be an endless list of new titles hitting the market each month. And one of the most popular titles available right now is the Thundercrash gambling game. This retro-style real money game takes crash gambling where it’s never been before: outer space. 

Thundercrash Free Game Guide

Fans of retro games such as Space Invaders will love the neon-themed graphics that put a futuristic spin on the old 8-bit arcade genre. But it’s not just about the graphics and gameplay. This real money game also has some great potential payouts and prizes. With some quick decision-making and a little luck, you could land the maximum payout of $100,000, one of the highest guaranteed prizes in crash gambling. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to play Thundercrash and offer some quick tips to help you win and perhaps fly off with one of those big payouts. 

How to Play Thundercrash

The premise of Thundercrash gambling is simple; cash out before you crash out. 

Much like all crash gambling games, the idea with Thundercrash is to guess how long your spaceship will fly in the air before it crashes. You make your deposit, place a minimum bet of $0.50 and watch your spaceship fly through space. The longer your ship stays aloft, the higher the multiplier goes. Your job is to guess the perfect time to cash out before it crashes because, at some point, it will crash. 

Playing is simple enough: 

  1. Choose an 8-bit-style avatar - These are right from old 8-bit arcade games from the 70s and 80s. Pick your favorite or choose random and let Thundercrash pick one for you. 
  2. Set manual or auto cash-out controls - One of the great features of Thundercrash is that you can set up an Auto Cash-Out before each round. This allows you to cash out automatically once the multiplier hits a certain point. Auto Cash-Out is perfect for making sure that you don’t miss out if you get distracted for a second and don’t hit the cash out button. Just remember, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get to that amount. 
  3. Hit ‘Take Off’ and place your bet - Once you hit the ‘Take Off’ button you will have a 6-second window to pick your bet amount and get ready for launch. The minimum bet is $0.50, while the maximum bet is $100. 
  4. Check out your traveling buddies - The Thundercrash gambling game is a multiplayer game. This means that on every flight (round of play) you’ll have traveling companions who fly with you. You can see their bets under their avatars and once the avatar turns green that means they have cashed out. 
  5. Decide when to cash out - As the spaceship sails through space and the multiplier increases, you have to pick the right moment to cash out before you crash. Your winnings are based on where the multiplier was when you decided to cash out. If you’re too late and the ship crashes, you’ve lost your chance and need to take another trip on the Thundercrash spacecraft. 
Thundercrash In-Game Game Screenshot

Thundercrash Tips and Tricks to Help You Win

There is certainly an element of luck involved in Thundercrash as you simply cannot predict exactly when the spacecraft will crash because each round is truly random. But along with some quick decision-making, there are a few other things you can do to improve your chances of winning. 

⭐ Get familiar with the game 

This tip goes for any online casino game — particularly where there’s a time limit of some kind. Take some time to really understand how Thundercrash gambling actually works. Before you jump in, you can spend some time watching other players place bets and jump ship as the multiplier starts and increases. You should also familiarize yourself with the controls because once you hit ‘Take Off’ things really move fast. Remember, you only have six seconds to place that bet before you fly! 

⭐ Set a gambling budget

Thundercrash is so fast-paced and so much fun that the rounds will fly by in the blink of an eye. This means that you really need to pay close attention to your bankroll so you can watch your spending. Set your bet limits before you play and don’t allow yourself to wager anything higher than that amount. Likewise, you should set yourself a session time limit and, no matter how much fun you’re having, stick to it. 

⭐ Ignore the background noise

Every online gambler worth their salt will look for anything that gives them a slight edge in a game. And in many cases, this leads them to look for patterns so they can make better predictions. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the background graphics or sound effects are giving away any clues as to when the crash will happen. Once the multiplier starts, Thundercrash is 100% random with no pattern at all. 

⭐ Don’t chase those losses

Some casino games are suited to following betting strategies, but the true randomness of Thundercrash and its lack of patterns means that those betting strategies won’t work out here. Increasing your bet amount each time you lose will likely just see you lose more because there's no telling when that multiplier will stop. So don’t chase losses with bigger bets. Stick to your budget and accept smaller wins. 

⭐ Be patient 

Thundercrash is a fast-moving game where coming out ahead is certainly possible, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll happen in your first few rounds of the game. Get familiar with the game and how to wager. Start small by wagering the minimum amount for your initial bet. Remember that it’s all about enjoying yourself. Getting to the maximum payout takes time and luck in equal measure. Be patient and you just might reap the rewards.

Thundercrash Online

Where to Play Thundercrash Online

Thundercrash is an extremely popular crash gambling game, and you can easily find either real-money or demo versions of the game at a wide selection of online casino sites. However, we only recommend trying real-play versions of the game at approved and licensed online casinos. At present, a real-play money version of the game is not yet available at any licensed Michigan online casinos, but this could change in the not-too-distant future. 

And it just so happens that we have a Thundercrash practice play demo version right here. Hit the button below and get ready for launch.

Play Thundercrash >>

Thundercrash Casino Game Features

As mentioned earlier, the crash gambling game niche has really taken off (pun intended) and that means that to stand out from the competition, the producers of Thundercrash knew they needed to offer that little something extra. So, aside from the excellent retro arcade feel of the game, here are some other standout features. 

Thundercrash Casino Game Features


While a lot of crash gambling games are multiplayer, the layout on Thundercrash makes you feel like the other players are on board with you all the way. The retro avatars for each player are a nice touch that adds that element of fun to the game. The fact that they light up green when a player has made the jump and cashed out makes it really easy to see who is left on board alongside you. You can even see their bets and winnings.

Auto Cash-Out

This is a great feature that is perfect for making sure that distractions don’t get in the way of you cashing out at the right time. The auto cash-out feature allows you to set a multiplier point where you will automatically cash out if the spacecraft hits that point. As we mentioned, this is ideal in case you get pulled away from the screen during a flight. 

Multiplier History Statistics

Ask any experienced online gambler what helps the most with developing a good betting strategy, and they’ll tell you it’s all about the stats and tools. At Thundercrash, you can get a detailed multiplier history that can give you an idea of any trends and patterns that may appear. That said, we did mention earlier that this is a truly random game, so don’t spend too much time looking for patterns with the multiplier, and spend a little more time having fun. 


Is it Possible to Cheat?

People will always find a way to cheat at games, but aside from actually hacking Thundercrash and controlling the crashes, we fail to see how you could cheat at this game. The fact that it’s a multiplayer game with genuinely random crash times means that cheating is virtually impossible. Besides, even if it was something you could manage to do, you really shouldn’t cheat on any cash game. 

Our Verdict: Thundercrash Gambling Game

In a packed crash gambling market with so many specialty games to choose from, Thundercrash does a very good job of standing out from the crowd. Its slick retro graphics and futuristic space world theme make it a game that gamers of a certain age will certainly love. Meanwhile, the huge potential for big rewards and that $100,000 maximum payout will appeal to seasoned online gamblers. 

We particularly like the auto cash-out feature, which is a big help for limiting your bets and keeping your bankroll relatively intact. But it’s the excellent gameplay and those wonderful graphics that really make this one of the best crash gambling games in the gaming industry. Just make sure that you wait for Thundercrash to launch at a licensed and approved Michigan online casino before you play for real cash. But until then, you can have some fun with our practice-play demo version of the game above.


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