Michigan Screams For Ice Cream, But Which Flavors Does It Favor?

Fact Checked by Peter Mooney

Perhaps it’s the Midwest ethos of staying with things that are tried-and-true.

Despite the proliferation of exotic ice cream flavors which are available in both supermarkets and at fancy ice cream parlors, Michigan’s taste turns out to be pretty predictable.

More on the favorite ice cream flavor in the land of Michigan online casinos shortly, but for now let’s celebrate July being National Ice Cream Month with a closer look.

Exotic Ice Cream Options Abound

First, here are some wild choices:

Ben & Jerry’s is famous for christening its flavors with intriguing names, such as “Chunky Monkey,” which is banana ice cream with walnuts and fudge chunks.

Jeni’s has a “Biscuits with the Boss” flavor inspired by the hit TV show Ted Lasso. This variety features shortbread cookie crumble in “buttery sweet cream.”

And Kemps has made a “Unicorn Swirl” that lets loose with “pink fruity ice cream with a sour blueberry swirl, glitter candy pieces and a white frosting topping.” Hmm, that’s all?

Well, as tempting as all those ice creams sound – and what swell names they have – we at GreatLakesStakes.com, your home for coverage of the newest Michigan online casinos, wanted to sort out the favorite ice cream discussion the Wolverine State using analytical methodology.

Here are our findings:

Favorite Ice Cream Flavors in Michigan

Rank Flavor Search Interest
1 Vanilla 43
2 Chocolate 28
3 Cookies and cream 22
4 Strawberry 14
5 Mint chocolate chip 10

Other flavors in the data: Butter pecan, chocolate chip cookie dough, pistachio, Rocky Road, chocolate chip and cake batter.

Favorite In Michigan Is Plain Obvious

BetMichigan used Google Trends to determine the most searched ice cream flavors by each state in the U.S., based on YouGov’s data on the top 11 most popular ice cream flavors in 2018. After completing the trends over the time period from July 6, 2022, to July 6, 2023, BetMichigan found results to get the top five ice cream flavors in Michigan.

Search interest is measured compared to other topics during that timespan.

The No. 1 flavor, by a wide margin, was vanilla, with a search interest score of 43.

The next two favorite favors were a close race. Chocolate was No. 2 with a score of 28, and cookies and cream was third with 22 points. No. 4 strawberry (14) and No. 5 mint chocolate chip (10) rounded out the top five.

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