College Basketball Betting Sites in Michigan

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With over 300 Division I college basketball programs across the country, there are plenty of games to watch and bet on throughout the course of a year. From following the local major programs such as Michigan and Michigan State, or other well-known teams like Duke and North Carolina, there’s no shortage of college basketball odds to capture your imagination. When it comes to NCAA basketball betting, we’ve compiled this guide of the top Michigan online sportsbooks where you can place your college basketball bet.

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What to Look for When Picking a College Basketball Betting Site

Number of Conferences Covered: It’s common for every sports betting site to carry the ACC, Big Ten and other marquee conferences, but not all NCAA basketball betting sites includes college basketball games from the smaller conferences, too. Being able to make college basketball bets on many teams and conferences is pivotal when picking an online sportsbook to wager on. The bets and money still cash out the same whether you’re playing the betting odds for the Horizon League or the Big Ten.

Also, it may be easier to find value or an edge in the smaller conferences since it can be expected all the big-name teams and games will have the sharpest lines. And value, for a sports bettor, is what it is all about.

Betting Options: Not all online betting sites offer the same number of bets or types of wagers. The best legal Michigan sports betting sites include a wide range of bets beyond the traditional moneyline bet and point spread wager, such as player props, futures or other special bets.

Mobile Betting Capabilities: Mobile betting in Michigan is live, meaning it’s important to research and test each sportsbook’s mobile betting app. College basketball bettors demand an online sportsbook with a mobile platform that allows them to wager on any college basketball game where there is internet or cellular service.

Major College Basketball Events to Bet On

Big Rivalries: Wagering on rivalry showdowns is always a fun experience for a sports bettor. Rivalry matchups are typically the most emotionally-charged contests, and with raucous student sections cheering on the home team, it makes for one of the best atmospheres in sports.

Conference Tournaments: After the regular season is over, each conference holds a tournament with the winner of the event receiving an automatic bid to the NCAA basketball tournament. With a full season down, spotting trends in players and teams during a conference tournament is easier and can give bettors a better idea how to approach wagering on NCAA Tournament games, too.

NCAA Tournament: March Madness is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Before the 2019 NCAA Tournament, the American Gaming Association (AGA) estimated about $8.5 billion would be wagered on the NCAA Tournament. By comparison, the AGA projected $6 billion was bet on the 2020 Super Bowl. Sure, the NCAA Tournament spans three weeks and has more games, but the numbers speak to how big of a betting event it has become.

How to Bet on a College Basketball Game

After checking out the best online sports betting sites listed on, select one with numerous college basketball betting options and with a Michigan Sportsbook you like. Click the link and you will be sent to the online sportsbook’s website. Then, click on “register” to start the sign-up process for your own personal account.

You will be asked to select a password and username for your account before a final ID verification process will begin. The sportsbook will ask you to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number and verify proof of your address.

Once your sports betting account is registered, you can start making deposits. For most sportsbooks, a copy of your driver’s license or passport will be necessary to further verify your identity. Following your first deposit, select basketball or find college basketball in the league list.

What Bets Can I Place on College Basketball?


A moneyline bet is simply selecting who will win the game. Moneyline odds revolved around $100. If Michigan is favored at -140 against Maryland, a Michigan bettor will net $100 for every $140 wagered. On the other side, if someone wanted to take Maryland at +135, then every $100 would return $135 if Maryland recorded a victory.

Point Spread

Spread betting is one of the most popular forms of wagering in college basketball. For favorites, they must win by more than the point spread for the bet to win, while underdogs can lose by the spread number and still cover. For instance, if Michigan was a -3.5 favorite, the Wolverines must win by at least four points for the bet to be a winner. But for Maryland as a +3.5 underdog, the Terrapins can lose by three points for the bet to cash out.


Betting on totals is wagering on how many points will be scored in a game. For instance, if Michigan State is playing Michigan and the total is at 154.5, bettors can take the over or under. If someone chooses to take the over, they believe the two teams will combine for more than 155 points. But if a bettor thinks the game will be a low-scoring battle, they will wager on the under and hope less than 155 points are scored.

Prop Bets

Depending on the sportsbook and how marquee of a game it is, prop bets may be available. Team props are traditionally available, and these typically deal with over-unders for how many points each team will score or, perhaps, how many 3-pointers a team will make. Some sportsbooks also carry individual player props for a game. These can be the over-under for an individual’s total points, rebounds or assists.

Live Betting

Mobile devices have made live betting a popular form of wagering. Online sportsbooks update NCAA basketball betting odds in real-time based on what is happening on the court, allowing players to bet on the moneyline, spread and total. Each of the odds are constantly refreshed using an algorithm.


Futures bets are wagering on the outcome of a team performance or individual player performance. For college basketball team futures, bettors can wager on a team to win the national title, make the Final Four or win the conference tournament.

College Basketball Betting Tips to Consider

Bankroll Management

One of the best strategies for long-term betting success throughout an NCAA basketball season is to establish a disciplined bankroll. Having an established bankroll will help deal with losing streaks.

First, a bettor needs to decide on a standard wagering unit. The units can vary from player to player, but generally, a bigger bankroll will have higher units. There is not a set rule as to what percentage size a bankroll unit should consist of, but it is suggested it remains low enough to withstand any losing streak. For example, if a player’s bankroll is $100 and they decide to wager 2% for each bet, that would mean the standard unit is $2. For a bankroll of $10,000, a unit would be $200.

Line Shopping

With numerous sportsbooks now live in Michigan, players can search for the best NCAA basketball odds across multiple websites. For instance, if Michigan is a -3 favorite on one book, but -4 on another, there is a better value to take the Michigan bet at -3. Searching and finding the best betting line will give you a better chance at success throughout the course of a season.


Basketball rotations typically consist of seven to nine players, meaning any key absence can negatively impact a team. Monitoring injuries and the status of important players is key leading up to the tip. Researching each team’s roster and the status of each player should be considered before making a wager.

College Basketball Betting FAQs


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