Most-Searched Airlines by Michigan Residents

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The Great Lakes State’s most popular airline is one that’s long been familiar with Michigan residents, as Atlanta’s Delta Air Lines swept away their domestic competition in 2024. took a break from Michigan sports betting to see which airlines are being searched on the Internet most frequently in the state.

Overall, Delta finished with a much higher search interest score over the last three months (95) than the next closest carrier (Spirit Airlines, at 61). That demonstrates Delta’s longstanding hub at Detroit International Airport and their presence in the state overall.

According to the airport’s most recent year-end data (from May 2022 to April 2023), Delta hauled 57.13% of Detroit’s passengers, with 14,871,000 people flying the airline in Detroit, dwarfing No. 2 Spirit, which handled 2,900,000 (or 11.14%) during the year.

Utilizing Google Trends, — your source for online Michigan casinos — analyzed the most popular airlines of Michigan residents by looking at the search results of each airline over the last 90 days (December to March).

Favorite Airlines of Michigan Residents

RankAirlineInterest Over Time
1 Delta Air Lines95
2 Spirit Airlines61
3 American Airlines29
4Southwest Airlines12
5Allegiant Air11


American Makes Top 5

Delta’s 95 search interest score in Michigan beat out Spirit’s 61 figure, in addition to routing other national favorites like American Airlines (29 search interest score), Southwest Airlines (12) and Allegiant Air (11).

Given the carrier’s hub in Detroit and its No. 1 market share position at the state’s second largest airport in Grand Rapids (801,000 passengers, or 21.87%), it’s of little surprise Delta is such a popular carrier in Michigan.

Throw in the fact Spirit only flies to Detroit, while American has limited service outside of the Motor City and Southwest has limited flight options in both cities, and you have the right ingredients for the Atlanta carrier to dominate the state’s market, which is exactly what we saw happen in 2023.

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